Story of Daniel

The story begins in the year 3327.  Nebuchadnezzar is conquering the world and Jerusalem has just become a conquest of his.   He exiles ten thousand people to Babylon.  Among them are Daniel, Chananyah, Mishael and Azariah, four boys of nobility.   They will be trained for three years in Astrology, Philosophy and all secular wisdom to become advisors to the King.   Thus begins Daniel’s journey.

Daniel the Prophet interprets dreams, stands up for his beliefs, protects his friends and eventually, of course, gets thrown into the lions’ den.  The drama and stories are outstanding and lend themselves to a fantastic musical!

Follow Daniel over a sixty year period and his interaction with three different Kings.   Learn of the battles that he has to go through in order to remain the righteous man he is and watch him grow into a powerful leader showing integrity and faith!  Daniel in Babylon will leave you with hope for yourself and for mankind.  Click here to read the blog and catch up on the latest news with the show.